The Baseline Protocol is the standard for universal verified state synchronization & multiparty coordination using zero-knowledge. In other words, it defines a way to provably synchronize data state in any business process amongst any number of organizations without exposing any data to external third parties. To do this, we've got to configure a few components before we can put them all together to create a process whose execution achieves that very goal: a Workflow.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a prototype collection of sequenced worksteps that defines:

  • The rules for synchronizing data from a real-world business process (in a workstep)

  • The organizations that are included in that process

  • The zero-knowledge circuit to be used to prove that the process data remained synchronized

Guided Setup

Shuttle enables the creation of all the components necessary to successfully execute a workflow. This guided setup will walk you through the creation of these components and provide brief explanations of what the components are and why they are necessary to successfully execute a workflow.

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