Domain Models


Domain models are the individual record structures for a given system. In Shuttle, they are used to define workstep triggers and align data elements between disparate data models amongst participants in a workgroup. When a record is created or changed in a connected system with a domain model defined in a workstep trigger, it will automatically execute the workstep and begin the zero-knowledge synchronization process including the specified participants.

Shuttle includes two methods for creating domain models: manual creation and schema import. Manual creation is native to Shuttle and does not require external system connectivity

Managing Domain Models

Creating, and managing domain models occurs during workgroup creation for ecosystem operators, and can be accessed post-onboarding via the Models tab in the ecosystem components tray. Participants joining a workgroup can configure domain models via the Models tab only.

Manual Creation

Manually creating a domain model in Shuttle allows you to define a domain model directly in the Shuttle UI.

  1. First, enter a model type or name and an optional description.

  2. Optionally add a brief model description

  3. Create a field name and select the field type in the dropdown menu.

  4. Select a Primary Key for the model

  5. Click Continue to proceed with workgroup configuration.

Schema Import

A properly configured connector should allow the import of record structures, or schemas, directly from the connected system. After a system has been configured in Shuttle, clicking Select Schema will allow you to query a list of schemas reported from the connected system.

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