Configuring a System


Adding and configuring a system to a workgroup can be done during onboarding, or at any time after a workgroup has been created by accessing the Systems link found in the ecosystem components tray.

System Configuration

System Selection

Selecting the desired system from the System dropdown will expand the Systems modal and provide an optional system description input, and various. configuration options.

Connection Type

Systems can be integrated directly with the PRVD stack via a connector, or indirectly via middleware. Either method can be configured in Shuttle, with multiple options for middleware connectivity.

Configuring a Connector

To configure a connector, select the No Middleware option.

Configuring Middleware

Middleware can be initialized using inbound only, outbound only, or both inbound & outbound messaging capabilities.

If you are interested in demoing SAP connector functionality, please contact

After entering all of the required system information, click Save, then Continue.

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