Networks are external from an architecture perspective and provide security guarantees based on the level of decentralization and other factors.

Proofs produced upon the successful execution of an off-chain workstep are written to Provide Privacy, where they are submitted to the configured Layer 3 rollup network. The selection of the Layer 3 network is important as it inherently configures the available n-tier settlement networks (i.e., the Layer 2 and its inherent Layer 1 support, etc.).

The PRVD stack supports proving composable zero-knowledge cryptographic commitments and broadcasting the resulting proofs to a configured Layer 3 rollup network. It is also part of the implementation of the PRVD Network.


Settlement occurs on the selected rollup network. The selected settlement network may or may not include a given proof in an upstream rollup based on the workstep configuration. The ability to specify an optional settlement network reduces transaction costs and increases throughput for enterprise scale.

Check out Provide Payments to learn more about how you can rollup to public blockchain networks without having to hold crypto.

PRVD Network

Shuttle uses a third network layer the, PRVD Network, a rollup network that can be configured during onboarding by an ecosystem operator.

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