Importing the Collections


The Provide Postman implementation segments Provide microservices into individual collections that can be imported into Postman and used to seamlessly interact with the Provide stack. Alongside the collections, we've included a pre-configured set of environment variables that help to manage the inputs of various requests across the stack.

To download the collections and the corresponding Postman environment variables, open a Terminal and run the following command:

 git clone

Alternatively, you can download the files from the links below:

Once downloaded, the collections and environment variables will need to be imported into Postman. Open Postman and select [Import] to begin the process:

Select [Upload Files] then Navigate to the postman_collection folder cloned in the previous step. Choose all the .json files included in the directory and select [Open].

You'll be greeted with a confirmation screen showing the 5 collections previously selected as well as the environment variables file:

Press [Import] to confirm the selection. A properly imported implementation should contain 5 Provide stack microservice collections:

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