An Organization is a corporate or other legal entity that can be linked to one or more users. In order to participate in one or more Workgroup instance, you must have an authorized Organization. To create an Organization, first ensure that you you have the most recent version of the CLI installed and that you have created and authenticated a User.

The following example illustrates how to create an Organization using the CLI.

prvd organizations init

You will be prompted to enter the name of the Organization you wish to create.

Organization Name: My Org Inc

Successful creation will return the organization_id for the new Organization. This information will be saved to provide-cli.yaml at the home directory of your instance and is automatically referenced by the CLI for some commands.

Take note of the created organization_id or become familiar with how to look it up using the CLI.


In order to send messages, or otherwise participate in, a Workgroup you will need to initialize a JWT for use with the Organization. This will serve as the authorization for the Organization to participate in the Workgroup .

First, find the organization ID by getting a list of the organizations your current user is associated with:

% prvd organizations list
89dac71f-23e8-4d48-8057-72b4b62b7ecb	ACME Inc.	0xea280015a92b2F9d0e8Ba8630C6b24617EaDF585
afcf8b71-5422-4226-9cd4-adb2fac02a87	Globex Corp	0x6f1B58A4A312E8DbEEc7d1212e47315790b69A46
04793d07-888e-4863-b6fa-17900e63f663	Initech	0x98B80f4Ac0D0F512682D3099e65d145dD5d3EF2A

Once you find the organization ID that corresponds with the organization you intend to authorize, use it in the command below.

prvd api_tokens init --organization 04793d07-888e-4863-b6fa-17900e63f663 --offline-access

For more information on JWTs, click here.

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