"AWS for public blockchain transactions"

The Managed Transactions API enables traditional enterprise procurement of public blockchain services without the need to ever buy or hold cryptocurrency.

Users are billed in arrears based on transaction volume. Fees incurred when using the Managed Transactions API are billed in arrears and always expressed in terms of the customer's choice of fiat currency.

Supported Methods

The Managed Transactions API supports the following methods of operation:

Supported Networks

The Managed Transactions API could theoretically support any public blockchain. The following networks are currently supported:

¹ Value transfers (i.e., payment of cryptocurrency or tokens to a third party) are not currently supported by the Managed Transactions API. Such transfers may be supported in a future release. As of today, this service only pays the fee to broadcast transactions to the network (i.e., gas).

Sender Addresses

Provide Payments uses the following "hot wallet" addresses, which vary based on the target network, in connection with the Managed Transactions API:

Ethereum (L1)

Polygon (L2)

PRVD Network (zkSync L3)


Liquidity is provided programmatically by Provide Payments on supported networks; transaction fees are paid using the network-native currency. Funds are stored in one or more hot wallets, secured by Vault, and used to fund transactions which are broadcast on behalf of API users.

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