web3 for ESG
Provide Payments ECO: Web3 for ESG
ECO (Enterprise Carbon Offsets) is the first web3 offering to introduce the benefits of the digital carbon market to Fortune 500 enterprises. ECO enables programmatic, on-chain retirement of carbon with a very straightforward API for integration into the enterprise application fabric. In addition to the developer-friendly retirement API, ECO delivers a breakthrough innovation for carbon reporting when used the with zero-knowledge cryptography tools enabled by the PRVD stack. ECO brings enterprise systems such as SAP and ServiceNow to the frontier of web3 regenerative finance (aka ReFi).
Carbon offsets are a key part of the net zero global movement and ESG goals that enterprises, governments, and NGOs are urgently working to meet. With ECO, enterprises are able to meet their sustainability goals like never before by purchasing digital carbon offsets and retirements using supported on-chain providers without taking custody of crypto or other digital assets. Provide Payments allows these transactions to be completed using fiat for a seamless experience.
Additionally, enterprises will be able to improve the outcomes of scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions reporting and verification using open-source web3 infrastructure such as the PRVD stack.

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Additional documentation forthcoming.