State-of-the-art key management focusing on advanced privacy and messaging capabilities.

The Vault service offers state-of-the-art key management with a focus on providing advanced privacy and messaging capabilities (i.e., zero-knowledge proofs, SNARK-friendly hash functions, double-ratchet algorithm, etc.) in a single enterprise-grade API.

Supported Key Specs

This section describes the elliptic curves and key specifications which are currently supported by the API. Supported curves and key specs are defined with a type of either or symmetric or asymmetric. Certain symmetric keys support key derivation (i.e., such as the ChaCha20 stream cipher). Other key specs, such as RSA, are provided for convenience and to achieve table-stakes feature-parity with industry-standard key management solutions such as AWS Key Management Service, Azure Key Vault, Hashicorp Vault, etc.



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