⚠️This API and documentation is still under active development.

All functionality provided by this service is initially exposed by a REST API with a handful of endpoints which provide an off-chain registry of compiled circuit artifacts, the associated proving and verifying key material, methods for proof generation, verification, composition and a user-friendly design pattern for adding support for new (or niche) elliptic curves.

The service manages the lifecycle of a circuit in the context of the off-chain registry, dramatically reducing the complexity and expertise required to use zero-knowledge privacy protocols in a productive manner (i.e., circuit compilation, trusted setups, multiparty ceremonies, managing key material and artifacts, recursive proof composition, verification, etc.).

Certain computationally-intensive lifecycle management operations such as trusted setups (i.e., in the case of zkSNARKs) may be run on ephemeral infrastructure using your AWS, Azure or GCP environment. Read the Backplane documentation for details.

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