Provide has a KYC service which acts as an API gateway to third-party digital identity management platforms in an effort to create a standard, developer-friendly way to interact with digital signing identities in the context of KYC (and KYB), AML compliance and fraud prevention. The KYC API gateway allows applications to conform to an upstream partner's compliance requirements without compromising the UX of their own applications. We are open to adding support for additional third-party KYC/AML API providers. If you would like to see us add support for a new provider, please contact us.

The KYC API gateway acts as a passthrough to a configured third-party API (the provider). Provide manages the KYC/KYB application lifecycle to help your compliance department perform remediation. Upon submission of a KYC (or KYB) application, the platform asynchronously monitors the application for state changes; subscriptions can be configured to notify your application when manual remediation is required. More details on these notifications will be provided in a subsequent update to this documentation.


The KYC API Gateway has three core components:

Third-Party Providers

Provide's KYC service currently supports the following third-party vendors:



API Reference





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