The Permission bitmask represents authorized privileges in a generic manner for user, application and organization resources.
The permissions namespace has been split into partitions for readability with an upper bound of 2^24.

Generic Permissions

// Authenticate permission
Authenticate Permission = 0x1
// ReadResources generic permission
ReadResources Permission = 0x2
// CreateResource generic permission
CreateResource Permission = 0x4
// UpdateResource generic permission
UpdateResource Permission = 0x8
// DeleteResource generic permission
DeleteResource Permission = 0x10
// GrantResourceAuthorization generic permission
GrantResourceAuthorization Permission = 0x20
// RevokeResourceAuthorization generic permission
RevokeResourceAuthorization Permission = 0x40
// Publish permission
Publish Permission = 0x80
// Subscribe permission
Subscribe Permission = 0x100
// Reserved permission - placeholder for future use
Reserved Permission = 0x200

Ident-Specific Permissions

Ident-specific permissions begin at 2^10:
// ListApplications permission
ListApplications Permission = 0x400
// CreateApplication permission
CreateApplication Permission = 0x800
// UpdateApplication permission
UpdateApplication Permission = 0x1000
// DeleteApplication permission
DeleteApplication Permission = 0x2000
// ListApplicationTokens permission
// ListApplicationTokens Permission = 0x4000
// CreateApplicationToken permission
// CreateApplicationToken Permission = 0x8000
// DeleteApplicationToken permission
// DeleteApplicationToken Permission = 0x10000

Privileged Permissions

A set of privileged permissions begin at 2^20:
// ListUsers permission for administrative listing of users
ListUsers Permission = 0x100000
// CreateUser permission for administrative creation of new users
CreateUser Permission = 0x200000
// UpdateUser permission for administrative updates to existing users
UpdateUser Permission = 0x400000
// DeleteUser permission for administratively removing users
DeleteUser Permission = 0x800000
// ListTokens permission for administration to retrieve a list of all legacy auth tokens
ListTokens Permission = 0x1000000
// CreateToken permission for administratively creating new legacy auth tokens
CreateToken Permission = 0x2000000
// DeleteToken permission for administratively revoking legacy auth tokens
DeleteToken Permission = 0x4000000
// Sudo permission
Sudo Permission = 0x20000000