How and Why to Contribute to proUBC

Your invitation to join the proUBC and PRVD community!

For SAP Developers and Integrators

If you're an SAP ABAP Developer or other SAP Integrator interested in incorporating a web3 solution to your enterprise or simply have interest in learning more, you've come to the right spot!
Here is the current recommended process if you'd like to suggest changes to the proUBC open source build:
  • Fork the dev branch of the proUBC repo on Github
  • Commit all of your changes within the forked version of the repo - using a branch naming standard as recommended in the Contributing section of the repo
  • When your changes are completed, open a pull request in the provideplatform/proUBC repo.
  • First-time contributors will be asked to sign the CLA agreement
  • Plan to either attend a proUBC core devs call or answer some questions on the PR or via email to review the change prior to merging the pull request. Details of an upcoming proUBC core devs call will be sent to you in response to your PR.

For Web3 Projects

Could your Web3 project benefit from having exposure to enterprise use? proUBC can be a pivotal component to making your project accessible to Fortune 500, government and large private enterprise users that run their finance and supply chain operations on SAP.
Membership in PRVD Oasis, open source grants, or other investments are all welcomed as means to bootstrap new Web3 services integrated to SAP via proUBC and PRVD
Contact us for more information on how we can help match you to a SAP development team to help build upon your use case.